Artist note: So the second image I imagine is genkai in highschool at a festival with a classmate. And she’s been surprised by a photo. :>

Seeing more of Genkai’s past - especially the times she enjoyed - is something I’ve always wanted. I love the memory chosen for this ask! Especially because it doesn’t involve Toguro. Her life didn’t entirely revolve around him, using Toguro as part of the memory would’ve cheapened it.

tl;dr: I like this.

As do I. I’ve always wondered how a woman born in 1919 and whose formative years were in the 1930’s managed to be the leader of a martial arts dojo in a time period when women were expected to just be housewives. Plus there’s the whole thing with the Dark Tourney 50 years ago (the “now” of YYH being 1991-2) being held around the same time Japan was waging war in the Pacific (1941-42)… Plus I can’t see Genkai agreeing with the imperial government all that much.


“Grandma don’t got no fucks to give, children.”


“Grandma don’t got no fucks to give, children.”

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  • “You really care about Yusuke, in your own messed up way. You’ve been teaching him too. He’s like a son to me, maybe you think the same. Don’t ever regret the things between us.”
  • “Haven’t you punished yourself enough? Haven’t you punished me enough too?”
  • “You’re doing your training like…

A Crossover that will probably NEVER happen.

I want Genkai from YYH and Lin Bei Fong to meet. Hell, just a meeting between her, Toph and Lin.

Just a trio of almost unreasonably badass ladies…