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pick a princess → megara

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G and X!

G. Oh Jesus. This might take a while. 

I always thought Morticia and Gomez Addams were awesome together. Also as a little kid, I shipped Mrs. Potts and Maurice from Beauty and The Beast.


Ace Attorney: Iris/Phoenix/Edgeworth because why the fuck not.

Black Lagoon: Revy/Eda (Which I actually ship more than Revy/Rock)

Doctor Who: The Doctor/TARDIS. (Or Doctor/Master if you need someone with an actual body.)


There’s a line, Cruella. 




You know what’s truly sickening about this particular scene? This dress (before the mice gave it a makeover) originally belonged to her deceased mother. Cinderella hardly has any personal possessions due to the greed of her stepmother and stepsisters. So, I assume that this dress meant quite a lot to her as a reminder of a simpler and happier time in her life. It symbolizes a fresh start and a chance at a better life for her.  It must have been traumatizing to see her dreams just destroyed, literally ripped from her, torn to shreds. Not to mention, they verbally abuse her calling her a “thief” and a “kitchen wench”. In the end when Cinderella is standing alone in rags, it’s animated so beautifully because you can feel this weight and this sense of hopelessness. Cinderella’s a girl who even said herself that no one could take away her dreams. But in this scene, you can see she’s giving up.

That’s why it is so important that Cinderella gets her happily ever after. Her Fairy Godmother is a symbol of faith and perseverance in hard times. After all, “Even miracles take a little time.”

I have to say I always hate it when Cinderella is criticized for needing “a man” or a “fairy godmother” to save her. Like I get that we should encourage independence and strength but I think people forget Cinderella was stuck in an abusive household.So often kids and even older teenagers get lost in households like that. There’s literally no way out for them. If anything we shouldn’t be criticizing Cinderella, we should be encouraging more people to become Fairy Godmothers.




"They aren’t intended to be career role models. They are moral role models. Disney movies aren’t telling girls that they should limit their aspirations to becoming princesses; they are teaching them to adopt the values of Disney princesses: kindness (Snow White), compassion (Ariel), intelligence (Belle), humility (Cinderella), courage (Merida), and determination (Tiana), among others. These are worthy attributes for boys as well as girls, but the point is that Disney isn’t steering girls toward being future trophy wives – it’s promoting values that make you a decent person, regardless of your career or lack thereof." (x)


Yes yes. All my yes.

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With a dreamy far off look.
And her nose stuck in a book

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"no i don’t like disney it’s for kids" you need to bibbity bobbity back the fuck up out of my life




My favourite thing about their friendship is that they are both dreamers.

My favourite thing about their friendship is that Charlotte could easily be a spoiled, intolerant, horrible bitch, and Tia could be mean, bitter, hateful, and jealous, but both girls are sweet and caring in their own ways. And despite have almost nothing in common, the two have been friends since childhood even while growing up in a time when their friendship would have been frowned upon.