I’ve discovered there’s a lot you can do inside haunted houses.


For example, you can:

  • be in a shampoo commercial


  • start a boy band:


  • spot some choice booty:


  • break into song:


  • see some people in frankly offensive outfits:


  • attend a metal show:


  • listen to some sick jams:


  • discover zombieism:


  • sample some tasty snacks:


  • watch someone get burned bad:


  • find something you really like:


  • find something you really, really like:


  • find something you REALLY REALLY LIKE:


  • and wonder if you left the stove on:


So this came out one time while making playlists, I think I have a bad sense of dialog. But it’s been a while since I’ve written a long fic. So yeah! Enjoy! ^_^ Fic is based on this song. 

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A Depressing Trilogy of Aramat/Mickey fics

These could be a prequel to Camellia, chronicling the absence of Aramat and the come up of Mickey getting colder and heartbroken. Or if you’re just cruel, take this as standalone stories of what might happen. Either way, fics ain’t canon and I just felt like writing sad stuff, enjoy! 

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Lulzy BWE edits: Season 3


If Boardwalk is gonna go off the rails with all the actual historic storylines, why not go whole hog and make a total outlandish AU with ghosts and dragons and shit? Just saying.

Even More Birthday Fics for newperspective-xo


At least Mickey was kind enough to die early, so Aramat would never have to see him as a old man bewildered by why his Mistress has never aged past thirty. But Pam did, and it was cruel to her and Aramat.

When they lay her body down in the ground, Pam’s family and friends see an unfamiliar little lady cry with a equally unfamiliar tall redhead.

Isolde warned her about this, but it never hit her till now. 

More Birthday Fics for newperspective-xo


"Mr. Rothstein… I’m not all that good at pool."

"So you’re a novice, I wouldn’t mind showing you how…"


The Gambler thought Eda was merely embarrassed about her until during one of these learning games, the cue ball ended up nearly hitting Charlie in the back.

From then on, they stick to something they both know, cards.


Sick of Mickey always ducking out of work to lock himself in his office, Eli goes to it and opens the door abruptly. He finds Mickey on the phone, his pants down and his hand clearly in the middle of something. Like Pam, Eli closes the door and says nothing. Although later on in the day…

"Would it kill ya to fuckin’ knock Eli?"

Birthday Fics for newperspective-xo

Sea and Sand

Usually these sort of things never work out, but Pam is glad to have a pretty friend to go out to the beach with and uses her as pillow when she’s tired in the shade. 


Arnold is entirely aware these cards can kill him, gamblers these days are desperate and never play fair. When he bleeds out in the alleyway, he dies filled with regret, but expecting it.

A Piece of Advice

"I told him, 'If a woman wants to willingly sleep with you, be suspicious.’ that was before I literally stabbed him in the back. He didn’t make much noise because I talked him into a gag.” Aramat gives Pam something wrapped in a cloth with a cheerful smile on her face.

"Here, for you Pammy."

Inside the cloth is what looks to be Gyp Rosetti’s finger. Pam doesn’t know whether to be glad or terrified.

Me on the topic of Mickey Doyle’s possible death…


Six More (Possible) Future Team Albany Fics

Free Agent
In the process of the (short) takeover of Philadelphia, deals were made between Warden and Mickey. Warden gets to be the top partner in exchange for his help and men. In the middle of this was Aramat, who was haggled over like something in a marketplace. Mickey managed to get her too, but knows details of where exactly she is must be kept secret at all costs.

Because Mickey knows nothing will stop Warden from breaking that agreement and Isolde and Mudgett would never forgive him for that.

"I used to date a lawyer… wonderful man." Eda gives a little sad smile. "But he’s dead… died a long time ago."

Bitter Rivals
When Rothstein dies, Warden expresses two regrets. That his idol wasn’t ever able to recognize him as his equal, even though the things that often swirled around New York was Albany, just covertly, and he was never able to beat him.

Out of respect for him, he finally leaves his birthplace alone.

Moving On
After going away from Warden, he manages to move to California and have a pretty successful law firm there. He never mentions Albany or the people of it until he’s old.

Neutral Territory
Aramat lives in a Territory that is neither Warden’s or Mickey’s… Atlantic City. It’s a modest house and she takes odd (legal) jobs under a new name, but at least it’s a peaceful life. (And Kazu, Mickey, and Isolde give her good chunks of their money as well.) The first part of the transition was getting her hair cut and dyed. Kazu had to hold her hand when the scissors came.

Slow Poke
Warden was forty-five when he had his first child with Josephine, he looked even older than that thanks to his work, with half a head filled with gray hair and wrinkles here and there.


This is all I care about

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Cr1TiKaL- Outlast (x)

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Six (Possible) Future Team Albany Fics

"Well, well, well, look who finally grew up. What happened, did Philly have a drastic lack of leadership?”

"Maybe. Anyone regonize you outside Albany? Eheheheheh."

"Sometimes, unlike you we keep our dealings secret. How’s the whore, Mickey?"

"She’s fine, especially since she doesn’t work for ya anymore."

"Well we all know why she doesn’t."

He took him in, offered him the world and much more. But with his narrow morality centered mind, he turned it all down after his mentor died.
Warden just feels… disappointed.

After Warden’s leash is gone, her Mistress wants to go out on her own. Isolde gives her blessing and assumes control of the girls until Aramat returns.

Back to Work
When the market crashes, Eda doesn’t react too much. Her employment is still valid, only far more competitive now.

Luckily she can use a gun.

They never agreed on many things, but one thing they all agreed on is that she was too good for the little man from Albany and that he’s gotta go.

Ty Yue still works for Warden but has a side business in New York once she could go back to her home, right where her teachers shop was. Many curious people come in to buy things and learn something about the world beyond them. Two particular (and very famous in the New York underground) faces are regulars, but Ty Yue never says or gives away their names.