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I came out to one of my friend and I sent her this but she just replied and so we just came out to eachother at the same time omg


I came out to one of my friend and I sent her this but she just replied and so we just came out to eachother at the same time omg



John Green is on TIME’s list of the world’s most influential people #TIME100 

john green has seen the future and the future is pretentious, white, and heterosexual 

If someone can be kicked out of school for copying a paper, a person should be kicked out of school for raping another human being.
Wagatwe Wanjuki, UVM Dismantling Rape Culture Conference 2014  (via thewastedgeneration)

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Things that don’t make you less of a feminist:

  • Being in a loving relationship.
  • BDSM.
  • Being submissive.
  • Wearing makeup.
  • Being a housewife.
  • Wearing dresses.
  • High heels.
  • Shaving.

Things that do make you less of a feminist:

  • Shaming women for doing any of these things.

Thank you

Yes. 10000x thank you. 

I have an addition to the first list:

  • Being a huge fan of the Disney Princess movies

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Photographer Francois Brunelle has been working on an amazing project; searching for people who look strikingly similar but have no relation to each other. These are some of this incredible finds. 


this fucked me up

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I always feel like I should apologize for my personal posts, but then I realize that I have Ultimate Blog Power. I can write an essay about how sad I am and then post ten pictures of dogs rollerblading. You can’t stop me.


My favourite video games (in no order) 1/? : Jet Set Radio Future (2002)



So I found this



lulu is getting real tired of your shit tidus

prompts I’d be into



Write like you’re burying a piece of yourself that you once loved, or still love.

Write like the rope you throw to the person drowning, knowing they will push the rope away.

Write like you’re grudgefucking that poet who beat you in that one slam years back, and how do you even remember them, it was so long ago but the memory’s so bright—you’d pounce in the middle of their verses and drag the words live from their throat, still wet and pulsing, and smear them all over your notebooks if you could.

Write like you’re losing words one by one and have to rely on descriptions of what you can see in your head but no longer name. Lose the names for colors, then weave new names with whatever’s on hand.

Write like you’re paying for your next meal with what’s on the page. You never know when it’ll be true again.

Thanks to cranky skirt for these interesting prompts. If they spark something, share with us please!



atla scribbles. Appa is my fave hhhh

These are really charming!

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you’re stuck living with your icon for a month have fun